Step 4 - Repair Planning

In the Repair Planning stage, the vehicle will undergo a complete disassembly on the damaged area to reveal any possible hidden damages. In the case of a non-driveable or towed in vehicle, this stage may precede Steps 1-3.  All necessary parts or components of the car that need to be accessed will also be removed. All the damaged parts or structural damages will be identified and digitally photographed. Any additional parts required will be ordered. In the event that structural damage is identified your vehicle will be measured by using our State-of-the-art Digital measuring system. The measurements will then be compared to the specification from the data base provided by the original manufactures. The comparison will create a damage analysis to show if the frame or the uni-body structure of the vehicle is damaged from the accident. . All removed items are stored securely in the car's designated parts cart. At this stage, the entire repair process will be blue printed to show the total extend of the repair.

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